Top tips for tree care

tree removalTrees are our greatest asset. They provide us with shade, amenity and increase property values. They are a very important feature of the family home. Best of all, they don’t require much maintenance or care during their lifespan.

However, just like anything else, your trees do need some caring for. To keep your trees in top health all year around you need to know what to look for in your trees and how to manage them.

Here are the best tips for taking care of your trees.

What Should I Look for When Assessing My Trees’ Health?

There are a few common symptoms you can look for when assessing the health of your trees. These include:

  • Decay – while difficult to spot (as damage usually starts from the inside), visible symptoms include dead branches, dead bark, die back or swelling of the trunk at the point of decay

  • Cracking – deep cracks indicate your tree’s infrastructure and branches are sick

  • Weak unions or joints – internal structure is failing due to genetics and variability some trees have weak xxxxx and are prone to failure.

  • Poor structure – trees can start leaning to one particular side or taking on an odd shape, usually caused by severe storms and poor pruning

If you notice any of the above, or something similar, we recommend taking immediate action to prevent your tree (or parts of it) from falling on your home.

What Can I Do to Help My Trees or Shrubs?

One of the easiest ways to keep your trees, is through regular watering, fertilising and mulching the soil surface. Form a routine where you water and fertilise your trees and plants but be careful, too much water can harm your trees too! Trimming or thinning out the branches on your trees is another easy and effective way to maintain the health and promote growth.

Quick Tip: Maintain a circle of mulch around your trees when you need to mow the grass. This will prevent you from mowing too close to the trunk of your trees, which can lead to decay.

Why Should I Call in Professionals?

While you may be confident in your gardening abilities, we recommend leaving the big and potentially dangerous job of tree removal and pruning to qualified people.

Professional arborist companies, such as Bradshaw Tree Services, have the knowledge and expertise to care for your trees when you no longer can.

What Can Bradshaw Tree Services Do for Me?

Specialising in all aspects of tree pruning and care, we can assist you with the following services:

  • Deadwood removal

  • Selective pruning

  • Crown lifting

  • Remedial (restorative) pruning

  • Reduction pruning

  • And formative pruning

All tree work is performed by our qualified AQF Level 3 Arborists, so you can be sure your trees are in good hands.

Find out more about garden care or our tree pruning and trimming services in North Sydney by getting in touch with us. We are especially active in Hills District and Northern Beaches.

It just takes a phone call or an email to arrange regular tree care and maintenance. Call Bradshaw Tree Services on 04 0357 2113 or email for more information today.

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